25 Beautiful Pictures Of Black Women In Ethereal Imaginary Photography

The genre of fantasy photography is enthralling. It allows us to be transported to another realm one filled with ethereal characters, wonderful costumes, and magnificent scenery. However, if you've spent any time looking at these strange paintings you've probably realized that they're mostly made up of white individuals. Even while they, too are making gorgeous photographs deserving of acclaim black women are frequently left out of the spotlight.

@btsanima, a Twitter user, is bringing attention to Black women in fantasy photography. She asks people to post their favorite fanciful photos of Black women in a viral Twitter thread saying, “Even though our presence is small, I will not be deterred. “She then published the identities of photographers alongside stunning images of Black women dressed as queens, elves, and posing in the same breathtaking countryside backdrops as white ladies. One of the genre's main draws is the startling beauty of the pictures, which can be breathtakingly haunting at times.

Swipe down to find Black women who are fantasy photography's leading ladies.

Black women are demeaned in fantastical pictures.

However, as these amazing photographs indicate this has to change and there has to be a greater focus on the genre's variety.

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