Animals Share One Eye With The Artist In This Set Of Weird Self-Portraits

Flora Borsi's self-portraits are presented innovatively. She shares the limelight with a variety of animals rather than making it all about her. It’s part of her continuing project Animeyed, in which she shares one of her eyeballs with an animal that is currently in its second incarnation, Animeyed II. Borsi is dressed in makeup and costume to match her subjects, which range from a fluffy bunny to a tiny bug in the sleek and sophisticated photos.

Some of the animals in Animeyed II have special importance for Borsi because of the bond she has with them. “My favorite is the black swan,” she says to the online web “since they're treated in the animal world how I've been treated in the past. Not accepted for being different.” Borsi created a dramatic feathery eye in that shot with Photoshop and digital editing optically uniting herself with the black swan.

Borsi's greater purpose with Animeyed and Animeyed II is to remind us to treat all animals with care regardless of personal connection to the species portrayed in her series. “The similarity of animals to humans is symbolized in this series. “I wanted to draw attention to the beauty of the animal world and to demonstrate the uniqueness of each species' features,” she explains. “They're so unique that everyone should treat them with respect from the fish to the swan.”

In her continuing project Animeyed II, artist Flora Borsi shares an eye with species from the animal realm.

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