If You Weren't Already Frightened Of The Ocean, These 16 Images Will Do The Trick

Take a deep breath and hold on tight!

1. Fact: Oceans are enormous water bodies that are scary as hell.

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2. We have to admit that there’s something frightening about just being out there in the ocean...

Tim Bow / Via instagram.com

3. In an open water area.

Paulfleet / Getty Images

4. And more water waves...

Nagol41 / Via reddit.com

5. Nothing else around.

NHendrikB / Via reddit.com

6. Out there alone, basically cut off from lands with humanity...

KapitanKurt / Via reddit.com

7. Only the sea waves and you out there...


8. Secluded.

Dkart / Getty Images

9. Actually, the ocean is unpredictable...


10. Tides do not play according to the land rules.

KevlarYarmulke / Via reddit.com

11. You're suddenly trapped to the desires of nature.

RyanSmith / Via reddit.com

12. Awesome and gruesome it is.

CaptAnonymous89 / Via reddit.com

13. Of course frightening.

Voyata / Getty Images

14. Terrible as well as terrifying.


15. Extremely underrated, don't you think so?

Aragami123345 / Getty Images

16. To not leave ever again?

Johnnorth / Getty Images

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