Photographer Accidentally Captures A Spell-Bounding Shot Of A Plane Flying Across The Sun

Sudden incidents that take place are the best in life for sure. The thrill that we receive when we experience unexpected scenes in life is completely different than the one that we get when experiencing pre-planned incidents in life.

Most of the people who document these spontaneous instances are the professional photographers who are among us. One such legendary photographer is Andrew McCarthy who is a well-experienced person who creates magic out of the things that he captures. Once he was able to capture the sun when an airplane flew against the backdrop of the sun. Perhaps, you might think it to be a pre-planned one, but believe me, it is not. It is a total coincidence.

“I had set up my solar telescope to capture an image of the full disc of the sun,” McCarthy shared, “and since taking pictures involves using a high-frame-rate camera, I was in the middle of a batch of frames when the plane crossed, allowing me to capture that perfect moment when it was dead center! It was sheer luck.”

Sun appears in jubilant pink color in McCarthy's particular photo. The royalty of the sun in the blue-gray sky is effectively given out with the silhouette of a commercial airplane. You would surely believe it to have been photoshopped unless you knew the whole story behind the picture.

This unique photograph that he posted on his Instagram account went viral instantly. He was very much thankful for all the social media platforms that allowed this picture that crossed the path of pilots to be shared.

Here are the incredible images of McCarthy.

Click on the arrows of the Instagram post to watch a video that had been captured by him.

McCarthy has snapped other incredible images of the sun.

Andrew McCarthy: Instagram | Patreon

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