The Brazilian Atlantic Woods Host To A Diverse And Uncommon Range Of Birds, Some Of Which Are Listed Here

Those who are familiar with this photographer are aware that he enjoys exploring the depths of Latin American jungles.

From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he is a nature photographer, bird watcher, and travel blogger. After Costa Rica and Ecuador, he was eager to show us the incredible fauna of Brazil’s Atlantic forests.

He continues, “The things you see and hear in these lush green paradises are unlike anything you’d ever seen before. It is a different world altogether. I also love how through responsible technology it is possible to get a glimpse of these stunning wildlife gems. Brazil has one of the most abundant bird diversities in the world. The avifauna of Brazil includes a total of 1822 confirmed species of which 238 are endemic.

Brazil’s biodiversity and ease of access to wildlife make it a trendy destination for bird photographers from around the world. Join us in a quest to see some of the most vibrant fauna that the country has to offer from the Atlantic rainforests to the coasts of Rio de Janeiro. Brazil hosts such extraordinarily different areas from the vast Amazon Basin to the largest natural wetland area on Earth the Pant anal to the unique Atlantic Forests, which are home to some of the most threatened animals on the planet.

On top of that, you have a myriad of other habitats including wet montane forests, salt lagoons, and coastal scrub, to name a few. It gives you a good insight into the wide variety of Brazilian birding sites. The Atlantic Forest region of Southeast Brazil is jam-packed full of amazingly colorful and confiding endemic bird species. The Atlantic Forest stretches for 1,500 square miles along the coast of Brazil teeming with a vast array of plants, birds, and other wildlife. All photos were taken with my trusted Canon 1Dx Mark ii and 600 mm lens. Enjoy and let me know what you think! You can email me at for any questions.”

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