These Adorable Baby Donkeys Are The Only Thing You Need To See Today

Have you ever dreamed of having a pet at home? The pet owners are happy people who have received the fortune to spend a pure and joyful life. They get the chance to cuddle here and there with their pet friend and boost their minds. Don't get disappointed if you aren't at all a pet owner. You still can impress yourself with adorable photos of baby animals. Baby animals have a charming quality and an extreme power to melt all hearts. Kittens, puppies, deer, or cute farm animals are quite common among pets. But, how about a baby donkey?!

Though these innocent creatures are often subjected to butt jokes and considered as a shame, they have a fluffy and chunky body plus goofy expressions. They often enjoy short siesta with their necks around each other in a hug-like formation. So, do you still think that they aren't adorable?

Baby donkeys are social animals with a lot of powerful emotions. Donkeys are close cousins to horses too. The main differences are the fluffiness and the size. And also they differ from the majestic animals mentally as well as emotionally. Anyhow, they are unable to live alone. This means they need company all the time. This type of incident can lead the donkey into depression too.

A male donkey is called an ass while a female donkey is called a jenny. The baby donkey is called the foal. The best part is that the donkeys are often adored by the pups and kittens as well as chickens.

Therefore we've presented you with a collection of photos to enjoy!

This is a premature baby donkey named Primrose. She's trying to get her legs straightened with the cast.

See the attachment of the little girl and her donkey.

This is my first baby picture when I was at the barn. It was a surprise!

Apollo the donkey and Gulliver the Shire enjoying their time together.

What a cozy dog's bed!

Have you seen bear-like donkeys?


It's time to shop!

These animals are the cutest I've ever seen in my life!


Here's how my donkey introduced her 5-hour-old baby to my horse.

Extra fluffy!

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