Have a Look at These Perfect Pictures of the Wonderful Moment Between 2 Big Cats, Caught After 6 Days

Mithun H is a wildlife photographer who has a great passion for large felines. Once, Mithun received a huge opportunity to spend some time observing two large cats at the Kabini Forest Reserve in Karnataka, India. There, he succeeded in capturing the two of his favorite cats, Saaya and Cleopatra in the pose of a lifetime.

He had a better understanding of his requirements. Unfortunately, the cat couple was not that cooperative. Therefore, Mithun struck out while the large felines were enjoying a big kill. He sat expecting the couple to move away together after finishing their meals.

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Both the leopards and the black panthers are of the same family. They have open opportunities to interbreed. And also their offspring are normal and not considered hybrids.

The female creature in this scene is the leopard and the male one is the panther. They've been a couple throughout four years. But, Mithun's duration of observation is a lot more than that period. “The female Cleopatra has been a heartthrob of Kabini since 2009. I have followed her for 12 years now – ever since she was a tiny cub. The panther Saaya entered our lives in 2014 as a sub-adult shy cat trying to establish territory. It was only in 2016, when he finally asserted his dominance, that he paired up with Cleo for the first time and I have followed their journey since.”

“I can still close my eyes and relive that moment every single day of my life. You don’t see that often. Probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is where the knowledge and years of experience of following and tracking the panther came in handy. I just had to wait at one of his favorite paths, since that was the place he would get her since that was the edge of his territory. And this he did after six days. It was a fruitful wait though. I could wait for 6 years for a moment like this.”

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