A Man Swims With A White Bear With Whom He Has Been Friends For More Than Two Decades

Marc Dumas of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, is the only person who has ever been able to swim with a white bear. Agee, the white bear is 23 years old and has made several human acquaintances. The bear who is pals with Marc's wife also licks and hugs him.

Agee, who weighs 362 kg, is being prepared by his spouse and wife to appear in different entertainment-related products such as films and ads. In reality, Agee first appeared in the film "Aliaska" in 1995.

“Agee has spent his entire life with me,” – Marc explains.

And we'll always be together. Agee is 23 years old (at the time the film was shot) and will be in bondage for another 35 years“.”

Marc also stated that he is not frightened of Agee because the two have lived together and developed a positive connection.

Agee enjoys his life as well. She isn't concerned about eating!

Agee had been bitten before, but that was then.

“She bit me when I was a kid. Then we yelled at her to come to a halt. Her nature dictates this. We intended to wean her away from biting in the same way that we wean mothers away from biting their kids.”

Marc has been teaching Agee for several years and is well familiar with her and her behaviors.

Agee is the family's most important member, according to Marc: "We do anything she asks."

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P.S. Due to the video's age, some of the elements in this narrative (age) are a little dated. And the photographer who took the shot deserves credit. None of these images belong to us. Please contact us in any way you see fit. Thanks!

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