Humpback Whale Breached Out Of Nowhere During A Boat Cruise

Humpback whales are massive creatures. It’s huge. A fully grown adult weighs about 36,000kg, nearly the same as 24 adult hippo but that didn't stop the enormous creature in the video below from putting on a spectacular air show when it leaped entirely out of the water in South Africa recently.

Sea animals fascinate us all. They're all extremely mysterious with their interesting backstories. So many movies, songs, and even studies have been made on them to learn more about them, and the majority of these discoveries have been very remarkable! If you ever get the opportunity to take an undersea trip, you will undoubtedly witness one of the most amazing sights of your life, since underwater life is extremely interesting! Inside the sea, there are millions of animals, and you will never regret taking the risk!

Those who are not adept at going down the water may always choose for the pleasure of traveling by boat, where, if they are lucky, they will be treated to a plethora of breathtaking sights. When this group of individuals went on a sightseeing trip, they never expected to encounter such a magnificent sight! They were desperate to see whales, and to their good fortune, a humpback whale chose to surprise them with a leap!

The party first noticed the whale's tail from a distance and had little hope that the whale would jump out of the water. But, after a period of silence, the sea became quiet again, and just as they had given up all hope a massive humpback whale leaped out of the water so close to their boat that it was breathtaking! They were awestruck by the sight, and as their first awe faded, they all burst out laughing!

You can see the entire movie below and don't forget to let us know what you think and if you have any encounters!

Video credit: Maasai Sightings Worldwide

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