Lioness Adopts And Cares For An Orphaned Leopard Baby After Mislaying Her Cubs

A lioness that appeared to have adopted a baby leopard was discovered by researchers in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park. This is comparable to an occurrence in India's Gir National Park in December 2018 when a tiny male cub around 2 months old was nursed by a lioness fed off her prey that the lioness had killed and played with her two own cubs about the same age as the leopard. This unusual case of inter-species fostering characterized as "bizarre" in the journal Ecosphere has perplexed the researchers. From an evolutionary standpoint, it makes little sense to look after another animal's young.

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Adoption between species is uncommon but adopting a competing animal's young is practically unheard of. Nosikitok a wild lioness has discovered a single kitchen near her cubs' den, and they are approximately the same age when it happens.

By keeping the youngster near to her the lioness defends it as if it were her own. The lioness' pups are thought to be dead because they haven't been seen in a long time. Although lions are known to feed one other's cubs, other large cat species' adults and cubs are also known to kill. This is most likely a one-time occurrence.

Experts believe that the best outcome would be if the leopard could return to his mother since he is unsure how the Nosikitok pride will respond to the newcomer.

"It's likely that she came into touch with this leopard youngster which she adopted before her parental hormones went off," says Sarah Durant of the London Zoological Society.

Nobody knows if the lioness will permanently accept the baby leopard. Let's hoping this Lioness will look after the young leopard till it matures.

Dr. Luke Hunter, the president, and chief conservation officer say it's a one-of-a-kind project that will be fascinating to see unfold.

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