Street Artist Turns A Beach Rock Into A Huge Great White Shark

On the beaches of Goa, there is a large rock with the shark from Jaws painted on its surface. It's both frightening and cool and it's the work of graffiti artist Jimmy Swift. Swift has been an artist for almost 15 years and has traveled to over 90 countries, making work wherever he travels.

The rock, which is located on Palolem Beach in South Goa, India, is shaped like the shark on the movie poster and is spray painted in amazing detail. Swift, who painted the shark in March 2015, explained, "When I initially spotted this rock, it looked like a wonderful site for a great white." “It's incredible how Mother Nature can carve out such a beautiful shape.”

Swift was inspired by the film Jaws to take on the task of painting on the shark head-shaped, three-dimensional surface. “This was the most difficult thing I've ever painted. Swift stated on Instagram, “I was actually beaten up by the waves and rising tide and forced to quit before it was finished.” Swift went to his stone shark two years later to find that the colors had faded slightly due to the elements, so he tried to resuscitate them. “After two years, my shark had almost totally faded away, so I gave him a fresh coat of paint and he's back and eager for more selfies,” he explained.

Swift has gone on to convert another rock into an elephant replete with a mop of bushy "hair" after making the shark. Swift's work can be seen on Instagram. Where you can also follow him on his trips.

Jimmy Swift, a spray paint artist turned a beach rock into a terrifyingly lifelike great white shark.

It's a popular sight for fellow visitors located along the beach of Palolem Beach in South Goa, India.

Travelers frequently stop by to snap photos with the shark rock.

Another rock has been transformed into a massive elephant by the gifted artist.

Jimmy Swift: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
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