The Photographer Generates Dreamy Escapism Using Beautiful Sewn Pics of Orcas and Sunsets

Mary Parkhill is a professional photographer, who put aside a lucrative job in advertising to follow her interest as a full-time vocation. She is currently well-known for her fine art photography of natural landscapes. 

Parkhill spends her summers in Alaska photographing the breathtaking scenery, which includes gorgeous images of orcas frolicking in the ocean. It's clear to understand why she turned her business knowledge into a creative profession with her amazing ability to capture the moment.

She shoots killer whales and sunsets, then mixes them to create the ultimate scene. She leads the viewer's eye around the image by using the anatomy of the orcas. At times, the orca's nose or tail is perfectly aligned with the setting sun; at other times the sunset merely acts as a golden backdrop to highlight these beautiful creatures.

“What inspires me the most about shooting orcas is their enormous enormity, witnessing them in their natural environment, and their capacity to still take my breath away,” Parkhill explained. She spends her summers exploring Alaska's inspiring scenery, and the photos she captures fill out her portfolio. Parkhill, who is typically based in Pennsylvania is a big fan of whales, and there are some beautiful photos of orcas and humpback whales swimming in and breaching in Alaskan seas.

But it's the sunset images, which blend landscape and high art photography that create an incomparable dreamlike escape. On her website, a selection of her orca sunset images is for sale—everyone may have a piece of this fantasy in their house!

Mary Parkhill spends her summers shooting killer whales in Alaska.

She also captures sunsets and combines them into gorgeous fine art pictures.

Mary's Mark Photography: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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