Ultra High-Definition 85-Megapixel Pic Of The Moon Caught Each Small Hole

Few Astrophotography’s have the name recognition that Andrew McCarthy does. For years, his extremely high-definition photographs of planets and the moon is taken from his garden allowed all of us to see our cosmos in ways we had never seen before.

The ability to zoom in on a single crater, reference it to other scientific records or data and yet have a 'beautiful' image gives both scientists and individuals who are just interested in the moon a whole new viewpoint.

Andrew McCarthy has returned with a fresh high-definition view of the moon. The 85-megapixel photograph was captured in McCarthy's garden and contains all of the exquisite details that one would expect. In fact, one might spend hours poring over the image to identify all of the craters and geographical marks on the moon's surface.

Surprisingly, the final image isn't exactly how it looks. In actuality, it is the product of 24,000 photos rather than a single image. McCarthy captured these photos over the course of 45 minutes using a 2000mm telescope. In post-production, he chose just the best shots with the least amount of atmospheric disruption.

 "I use a special camera intended for very high frame rates, so I can capture hundreds of thousands of images in minutes." McCarthy said “Processing takes a little longer since there is so much data. I utilize software that aligns and stacks the RAW frames before spitting out stacked files that I put together in Photoshop. I also run several sharpening algorithms on the data, and because the stacked pictures are such high quality, sharpening produces fine details without creating noise and artifacts. Processing began late in the evening and continued until I shared the image at 3 p.m. the next day.”

The image is a stunning addition to McCarthy's astrophotography collection and yet another salute to one of his favorite celestial bodies. McCarthy has had a hectic few months. COVID-19 hasn't had much of an impact on his job life as a backyard astrophotographer. Except for the California wildfires whose smoke obscures vision it's been a pleasant ride for him during the last three months. He believes that by continuing to publish art like this, people would be inspired to gaze at the moon with new eyes.

If you want to see the entire 85-megapixel version of the shot McCarthy has made it available on his Patreon Page. You'll get astrophotography advice and a behind-the-scenes peek at his work there. His photographs may also be for sale as prints.

See some nearby of Andrew McCarthy's 85-megapixel moon picture.

Andrew McCarthy: Website | Instagram | Patreon | ImageKind

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