Vivid Figurative Paintings Capture Careful Features of The Human Body

A figure drawing is a drawing of the human body in any of its different forms and positions created using any drawing medium. The act of creating such a drawing is likewise referred to by the name. The level of realism can range from extremely detailed, anatomically precise representations to loose, emotive drawings. A "life drawing" is a drawing of the human figure created by seeing a live model. A figure drawing can be a finished piece of art or a figure study for more finished work, such as a painting. Figure drawing is perhaps the most difficult topic an artist will ever meet and entire classes are dedicated to it. The human form is one of the most lasting motifs in the visual arts and it may serve as the foundation for portraiture, illustration, sculpting, medical illustration, and other disciplines.

Many people find drawing the human form to be the most difficult topic. The intricate anatomy of the hands and feet, in particular. Wanjin GIM, a Seoul-based artist, employs a distinct color palette and a variety of traditional materials such as colored pencils and ink to depict the delicate language of hands and feet.

Every detail is highlighted from the many creases in a cupped palm to the wrinkles encircling joints to the bright veins shining through the skin. GIM separates his subjects' hands and feet from the rest of their bodies so that the complexities of those appendages may be appreciated. Furthermore, the fingertips and soles of the feet have a noticeable warmth linked with movement due to the use of vivid colors.

GIM makes each picture on toned paper using a combination of colored pencils, acrylic paint, and inks. He usually just fleshes out the hands and feet leaving the rest of the body as a thin outline. This allows the viewer's attention to be drawn to the reality of the highlighted bodily parts.

GIM's website sells prints and original artwork, and you can keep up with his latest works by following him on Instagram.

Wanjin GIM, a Seoul-based artist, makes amazing figurative drawings in rich hues.

Wanjin GIM: Website | Instagram

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