"Dracos" Often Known As Flying Dragons Live And They Are A Real Wonder Of Nature

Dragons are magical beasts that have arrived from another realm.

Dragons are legendary creatures that have awed humanity for millennia. The legends concerning these creatures are interesting and no one gets weary of hearing them. Regrettably, the dragons we have conjured up in our heads do not exist. There is, however, one group of animals that are extremely similar to dragons. And that only goes to show that natural wonders do exist.

Humans have been fascinated with dragons for millions of years. Several poets and novelists have focused their attention on these fabled beings. We have discovered a creature that closely resembles dragons, and this animal will leave you speechless.

Flying dragons are lizards that reside in the tropical jungles of Southeast Asia and are members of the Agamidae family. And here are some incredible images of them.

These animals, which are 8 to 10 inches long have membranes on the sides of their trunks. They can easily glide from one tree to the next covering a distance of up to 60 meters while losing only 10 meters of altitude.

Insects such as tree ants make up the majority of their diet.

Unless it's breeding season, they don't normally come down from the trees. The male attracts the females with his membranes and the mating process begins.

The female lays eggs after copulation. It digs a little hole in the earth and deposits 4-5 eggs in it which it then covers with soil and leaves. The female-only spends 24 hours with the eggs. She then abandons them and climbs back to the top of the tree.

The colors and characteristics of each flying dragon differ according to the species, yet they all have one trait.

Their beauty seems to be something out of this planet.

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