Gorilla Carries Her Baby To See Her Mother And Infant On The Other Side Of The Glass

The bond between mothers crosses ages, ethnicities, and also species. Both humans and animals share an unbreakable attachment with their offspring. In the case of five-time mother Kiki the gorilla and a new human mom who came to see her at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.

Emmelina Austin went to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston one day, unaware that she would create an incredible attachment with Kiki, a mother gorilla. Emmelina and her newborn baby Canyon were opposite the glass when the gorilla brought her baby across.

Kiki approached the zoo's viewing window while the Austin family was admiring the gorilla exhibit. The reaction of the gorilla mother was endearing. She examined the human infant carefully before attempting to caress it through the glass display.

The Austin family was then shown Kiki's own baby, a seven-month-old gorilla named Pablo. The gorilla mother seems ecstatic. Pablo pressed his face against the glass to get a better look at Kiki, who was attempting to communicate with her hands.

The Austin family was overcome with emotion and both Emmelina and her husband Michael were crying. The romantic event was captured on camera by Michael and the video of the incident became viral once it was posted on the internet.

This movie demonstrates that a mother's love extends beyond her own child. This is demonstrated by Kiki's loving reaction to the human baby. For a few minutes, the two parties stood on opposite sides of the glass, absorbing their one-of-a-kind encounter. Kiki is unquestionably a kind gorilla who is drawn to infants.

Despite the physical separation created by the glass display, the two mothers were able to unite over their love for their children. Kiki tries to grab Emmelina's small hand as she holds it up against the glass at one point. This is an incredible adventure that the Austin family will never forget. Nothing compares to a mother's unconditional love, and this video proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Watch as Kiki the zoo gorilla introduces her baby to a mother and her infant on the other side of the glass.

Image credits & further info: Michael Austin [H/t: The Dodo]

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