Street Artist Changed Rundown Walls Into Amazing 3D Graffiti Artworks

Graffiti is writing or sketching on a wall or other surface without permission and in full view of the public. Graffiti has existed since ancient times with instances reaching back to ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire. It can range from simple written messages to intricate wall paintings.

French street artist Scaf slices across city walls with his spray can like a weapon turning them into something spectacular with his trompe l'oeil graffiti. His creatures which include everything from vicious dinosaurs to snakes and skeletons appear to erupt from two-dimensional surfaces to take over their surroundings. Scaf's funny pictures of each piece enhance the work.

Scaf interacts with his graffiti to highlight it in the greatest light possible. His presence in the photographs is a wonderful finishing touch, whether he's dressed as a caveman to sit next to a dinosaur skeleton or giving a rat a large piece of cheese. His sense of humour is inextricably linked to his art as he hopes that through it, people would be able to connect with their inner kid and be taken to another world.

Scaf's work is precise on a technical level. He can easily create 3D illusions from flat materials thanks to his mastery of angles and perspective. Scaf is continuously pushing himself to new heights, imagining new subjects and circumstances to paint to delight the audience.

His success as an artist inspired him to start Grafo Deco, a company that provides services to both individual clients and companies.

Scaf is a graffiti artist who creates fantastic painted illusions.

He makes 3D masterpieces that deceive the eye with spray paint.

By acting out a scene with each trompe l'oeil topic, he adds a sense of humour to his work.

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