30 Unmarked Executions of Weird Ideas (New Images)

People argue saying that money can’t buy the taste of a person – but money can make executing your ideas easier. Don’t you believe me? Fine, then check out the strange executions presented to the “Awful taste but great execution” subreddit.

The name itself suggests, “Awful taste but great execution”. It is also called ATBGE in short. You will surely be surprised by the strange things that some people have come out with. The images include a creepy dinosaur Christmas tree, head cakes and creepy face masks. Lift your thumbs up and share the article with others if you enjoyed reading this.

1# Wow! Have You Ever Thought Of An Embroidery Toast?

Image source: skyrimfireshout

2# Tree-Rex

Image source: TheZapper2

3# A Suitable Design For The Bath And The Toilet

Image source: Beras11

4# Tha Ashtray

Image source: Alekarre

5# Brasilian Ad Regarding Condoms

Image source: droopydrip1007

6# We Did A Double Take As Soon We Saw This Strange Rock In One Of Our Friends' Place. She Said The Rock Came From The Tenants Before Her, But I Think It Is The Tenant

Image source: Lainbrainbutt

7# A Bleeding Necklace

Image source: njeshizzle87

8# OMG! An Amazing Batstache

Image source: bogmire

9# An Advertisement On Razor Blades

Image source: lajosyext

10# A Booty Was Given Through The Pattern, And We Gave Him A Thong

Image source: JiveMonkey

11# 20ft Tall Kanye Kissing His Own Self 

Image source: reddit.com

12# Special Effect Artist Who Created A Mask Of Himself

Image source: Currynrice9728

13# Interesting Though It Is Stupid

Image source: Allridium

14# I'm In Need Of This Now

Image source: WingSuccessful2598

15# Does The Mask Suit Her?

Image source: d3333p7

16# I’m Curious To Taste It…

Image source: PineapplePlanet

17# A Texan Sink

Image source: Grillos

18# This Was Found In A Hotel Room

Image source: GadomanGad

19# I Was Told To Post My Tramp Stamp Tuesday

Image source: HalfAdult

20# A Perfect Woodwork

Image source: griffithdidnthwrong

21# It Will Never Be Completed Without This

Image source: southwoodhunter

22# The Headpiece Too Was Made Using The Shed Hair Of It

Image source: MyLifeAsBipolar

23# Onesie

Image source: cheesuscharlie

24# Hamburger Bed Made In 1972

Image source: BleuDePrusse

25# The 13 Year Old Girl Who Became An Interior Designer

Image source: slickdaddyvick

26# Low Rider Batmobile

Image source: Gargoman

27# One Of My Best Friends Made My Birthday A Blast!

Image source: TaoTheCat

28# We Were Told To Post This Here 

Image source: Surely_Nawt

29# “Go Away From Her You B****!”

Image source: Venarius

30# Additional Hair

Image source: lajosyext

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