Baby Owls Nap Facing Downwards Because Their Heads Are Too Heavy

Did you know that even the baby owls can get more cute than we expect? Have you ever seen or else have you imagined the way they sleep? Normally, the grown-ups nap upright while the young ones do not nap in the same way since they have heavy heads. But, they will sleep somehow until they grow old. Therefore, most of the owl babies nap on their bellies while turning their heads to a side. 

The normal place in which they sleep is a branch. The tiny owls do not fall down in this position due to their hallux. The hallux of the small owls remains still until they fold their small legs.

The journalist, Mark Rees was very keen on searching the ways in which the owls sleep. Therefore, he posted an image of an owl that was napping like a human being. It was on its belly and the image went viral on twitter. You will be able to see some more pics of the cute little owls, napping just like human infants.

It's really cute to see them nap on their tummies, facing downwards.

“I’ve just discovered that baby owls sleep face down like THIS because their heads are too heavy. Also, I don’t think I’ve seen owl legs before….”

– Mark Rees (@reviewwales) June 21, 2020

Baby owls sleeping Sleeping-_Owlet Screech owlet-I just like to sleep on my tummy Barred owlet fledgling sleeping

These owl babies do not sleep long and they look just like humans when they wake up. 

Great Horned Owlet

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