10 Pictures Showing That The Best Cat Treats Are BOXES

The interest for boxes in the cat world is a mystery. Some of you might think that they like boxes because the boxes give them more comfort and security while some others might think that a box is a perfect place for them to hide and ambush anything which can be used as a hunting technique. 

#1 How Do I Look When I’m In This?

Whatever the reason for the love for boxes, it will be quite difficult to find a more suitable place fitting for some quick doze-offs. Isn’t it?

cat perch

#2 This Is Much Better

Cats enjoy hours of sleep a lot, no matter the level of wildness. Their sleep seems to be their favourite. 

cat perch

#3 Undeniable!

Don’t worry about the size, they’d catnap beside the box if they can’t get curled inside. Either way, it’s an inseparable bond!

cat perch

#4 Cats Are Always Cats!

Of course, your age doesn’t matter. Cats are never too old for this funny stuff. Cats will always be cats. 

cat perch

#5 Oh, Life!

While sunbathing, the majestic lion couldn’t resist the unusual meetup with the box. 

cat perch

#6 Size Is Not A Big Issue

Small boxes, big boxes! Who cares about the size!? The one and only thing that matters is the way to squeeze into it.

cat perch

#7 Before Falling Asleep

Watch this feline who is succumbing to the charm of the box. It can resist no more!

cat perch

#8 No Idea

I have no idea for how long I’ve been here.

cat perch

#9 Let Me Curl In Too

They share the boxes though it’s big or small.

cat perch

#10 Grrrr?

Oh! Maybe not always.

cat perch

What’s your idea about this special relationship? Comment and share the stuff with your loved ones. Happy trails until we meet again!

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