30+ Images That Seem Like They Are Photoshopped, But They Aren’t

The pace of life has become faster for the sake of technology. Everything is getting pretty cool and easier than earlier. This rapid pace sometimes makes us forget to stop for a while to appreciate the world we live in.

Although we've lost certain things in our lives due to technology, we cannot argue saying that we haven't gained anything from this technological advancement. One such instance is advanced photography. Due to this, we've become able to capture different kinds of phenomena in incredible ways.

We have presented a collection of 45 original images that showcases a surreal moment on Earth. Perhaps, you might feel them as ones from another world.

#1 This Is The Place In Which The Namib Desert Meets The Sea.

#2 A Glacier Waterfall In Svalbard, Norway.

#3 The Verzasca River In Switzerland With Crystal Clear Water In It.

#4 A Mirror Formed After Rain.

#5 The Sunset.

#6 Lenticular Clouds Above Mount Damavand.

#7 A Thunder Stroke In South Dakota.

#8 This Is How The Water Looks Like When A Helicopter Approaches It.

#9 Reflection Of Autumn Colours.

#10 An Otherworldly Jellyfish Seen In The Deep Sea.

#11 Windows Of The Sky In New York. The Chrysler Building.

#12 The Northern Lights, Norway.

#13 A Spectacular View, Sardinia.

#14 This Dragonfly Is Covered From Crystal Clear Raindrops.

#15 Saint Basil’s Cathedral In Russia.

#16 What A Long-Exposure Shot Of A Merry-Go-Round.

#17 A New Beach Visitor. (Whale)

#18 OMG! An Electric Volcano.

This image shows an erupting volcano in Chile. It had been engulfed in thunderbolts while erupting. Perhaps, you might think that it is photoshopped, but the truth is it is an original creation of nature to which special effects were added.

One of the commenters described, “The volcanic ash, some of it rising in the plume, some falling, rubbing against one another, produces enormous amounts of static electricity that have to be discharged.”

#19 The Floating Mountain.

Is this real? Can the mountains float on clouds like this? Widen your eyes and zoom the image and try to catch the optical illusion that has been created. The image shows Mount Rainier seemingly floating above Seattle, Washington, USA.

Even though it looks so beautiful when seen from far, this is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. We have only received the mercy of mother nature for a while.

#20 Wow! An Amazing Phoenix Of Light.

The photographer, whoever shot this, is fortunate enough to witness this in his real life. How amazing it is to see a flying phoenix created by the colorful flash projections of light in the sky! Yes, these are the Northern Lights in Iceland.

These spectacular auroras can be seen between September and March each year and are caused by the disturbances that take place in the magnetosphere. Watching these amazing auroras is exciting!

#21 The White Raven!

What you see now is not fake. Assure your eyes, this rare phenomenon is caused due to a condition called leucism. Leucism leads to a partial loss of pigmentation inside animals and leaves. As a result, creatures with leucism have a pale shade of cream in their bodies.

Although it seems something out from a fantasy novel, it is completely normal.

#22 Underwater Lilypad Forest.

This isn't an alien forest seen in another world. You don't need to fly into outer space to witness these marvelous things in the universe. The only thing is to be interested in what you want to see.

You might have witnessed these scenes if you've gone under the water. This is a lilypad forest with a large school of tadpoles swimming right beneath the water.

#23 A Desert With Magic.

Dear star war fans, are you surprised by this, thinking it to be a new installment in the Star Wars franchise? This image is one from the Burning Man Festival which is held annually in Black Rock, Nevada.

The participants get together to build a temporary city complex in the desert during this festival. The cities that they build up have all kinds of innovative structures in them. All the structures are brought down after two weeks and the desert will be like it was earlier. 

#24 A Majestic Blue Iceberg.

The first sight makes us feel this as a fabricated or computer-generated image showcasing life on an imaginary blue planet. Believe me, this is an unretouched image that was captured from a ship sailing near the South Sandwich Islands of Antarctica.

This “cathedral of ancient ice” has become the perfect resting spot for penguins there. But, they might not have an idea of how beautiful their habitat is.

#25 What Does A Frozen Lake House Look Like?

Is this a miniature icing creation? Look back and guess once again. This is a true house on the shore of Lake Erie. The image shows a moment in which the shore has been covered with ice, snow, and frost.

The eerie look of the house has come out due to the huge amount of precipitation and high winds. This showcases the result of the combination of magical elements together.

#26 A Blue Lagoon.

This scene is too perfect to be considered real. Please believe that this wasn't retouched or edited and that this was captured right on planet Earth. 

This is located near Ywan Ngan in Shan State, Myanmar. The deep blue color has been created due to the high levels of copper sulfate in it. Therefore, bathing or using water in the lake is quite dangerous since it can cause unhealthy consequences.

#27 The World Is Almost Folded.

You might have been thinking what the heck this is! This image was caught by a drone that hovered over a cloverleaf intersection in an unknown location. It truly has a mind-bending effect.

Explaining this to the exact point is difficult but the two flat planes seem to intersect at a 90-degree angle with each other. However, this image makes us think that we've entered another world dimension.

#28 Ghost Shells.

Although this image is quite beautiful and interesting it is a severe warning for the survival of the Earth. This is called the sea butterfly or the limacina whose shell dissolved over 45 days due to its exposure to carbon dioxide.

This is a great example to alarm the public about the widespread effects of climatic change. Future generations as well as the animal species will have to face a lot of issues including ocean acidification due to the increase of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.

#29 Unbelievable Tree Holes.

For some, these tree holes stand as a coded message from the aliens who invaded the Earth. But, the real artists behind the scene are the woodpeckers who have systematically created rows of holes in the tree. See how brainy these creatures are to make such a straight sequence of holes.

#30 Mystery Of Electromagnets! 

The tube-like lamps are mysteriously lit up by themselves. Can this happen? This is the electromagnetic radiation that forms in areas around power lines that gives the air an ozone-like scent.

These men have gained the benefit of it effectively. Many people believed this to be a stolen part of Star Wars.

#31 A Paradise Of Books.

You are not the first who think that these endless rows of books that stand in this image are ones from the Harry Potter movie series.

But, this isn’t such a scene but The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The library was established in 1887, and contains a huge amount of books based on Portuguese literature outside of Portugal. By now, the library contains nearly 400,000 volumes.

#32 Single-Sided Skyscrapers!

Didn't this image make you have a double-take at it? This at first seems to be a skyscraper in which the second wall is almost invisible. And you would think that this is edited.

Stop! This is just another optical illusion that was designed by the renowned architect in Singapore But it’s just an illusion: this building in I. M. Pei. This building has been designed in a triangle. It appears to be flat when you take a shot of the structure from a specific angle.  

#33 Agate Invasion.

You will be able to see dazzling phenomena whenever you come out with your microscopic eye. This image shows a shell of a snail hatch that naturally grew into a spiral shape.

The shell has a combination of grey, purple and white stone along with sparkling crystalline in its core. Crystalline in this is an element that makes us surprised about the marvels of nature.

#34 Eyes Below The Water.

What is it if not a little spooky? What a beautiful pair of eyes peered out through the sheets of ice. These eyes belong to the creature called the sea leopard or the leopard seal, the second largest species of seal in the Antarctic.

They are ferocious aquatic creatures though seem less threatening during the daytime. The only challengers for them in the sea are the killer whales.

#35 Salty Swirls.

These are abandoned mines situated 650 feet below the earth. These are situated near the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia. This is a wild psychedelic landscape with yellow, blue, white and red mineral carnallite.

The swirled carnallite deposits can be seen in the walls of the mine. These swirls provide evidence to show that they were formed millions of years ago when a salty sea dried up and left behind the mineral deposits. According to the scientists, the air inside the mine too is quite saltier.

#36 A Thick Fog Blanket.

This is how the milky fog has blanketed the city Sophia in Bulgaria, late at night. The glow of the urban lights through the soft ripples can be seen quite colorfully in the picture.

The thick fog that comes from the rolling mountains gets trapped in the valley and leads to inconvenient instances like transportation difficulties. But, when looked at from the eyes of art this fog appears as a magical dream.

#37 Surreal Waves.

Personally, for me, this is an otherworldly picture that makes me think of it as fabric paint. I feel as if the woman in the picture is floating amidst the colorful ripples of the sea in orange and pink.

What is the exact truth behind this? Believe me or not, these are greenhouses that are built for the protection of the strawberry harvest in Turkey. The woman in the picture is engaged in the harvesting process. Whoever got this fantastic idea on his mind surely knows the joy and delight of adding colors to ordinary things.

#38 The Amazing Kuro-Tamago.

At first glance, we expect these black objects to be the eggs of an alien species. Well, the term "egg" is correct but these are not the eggs of aliens. These eggs are boiled in the sulfurous hot springs of Owakudani (“The Great Boiling Valley'') in Hakone, Japan. The hot spring crater was left behind due to the volcano eruption that had taken place 3000 years ago.

According to the local tradition, eating one such egg adds seven years to your life.

#39 Lake Of Bubblegum.

This too is another untouched photograph that seems to be from another planet. This shows the aerial view of Australia’s Lake Hillier.

No one has an idea about the bright pinkish shade of this. But, the scientists agree that it is due to the presence of microalgae called Dunaliella Salina which are photosynthetic microorganisms that produce beta-carotene which adds a bubblegum hue.

#40 Rex Rabbits.

Although this seems like a negative image of white rabbits, this is not. The rabbits you see in the image are real. Their black color is a result of breeding which occurred in 1919. The breeding process of these rabbits had been started by a Catholic priest who received a genetically mutated rabbit.

The original name stands as Castorrex, as it has the color of the beaver (castor). Apart from this, they are called the King’s rabbits (rex being ‘king’ in Latin) which has later become the common name as Rex.

#41 An Alien World, Right On Earth.

The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia is found in the Horn of Africa. It is located at the junction of three tectonic plates with a long history of geological shifts and volcanic activity.

Geological formations have given an otherworldly look to this place. However, it's good to know that the famous old humanoid fossil of Lucy was found in the area which is called “the cradle of humanity”.

#42 Eye-Catching Creations.

Have a close-up look at this image. This is an incredible piece of art created by the renowned artist Georges Rousse. He is well-known for creating optical illusions in abandoned buildings.

Rousse has a superb talent to paint architectural features in a rather tricky way. Everything comes in a startling effect when he presents an image of his work in a single angle.

#43 Fortunate Enough To Knock At The Door Of Heaven.

This can be identified as an image that was captured in the correct moment. Someone has made his dream a reality in the climber Remi McMurtry which is 4,744-feet in height. This is one of the volcanoes of Snæfellsjökull in Iceland.

The person who captured this image had gone on this journey with his friend as soon as they picked their destination amidst a hub of names. They had reached the peak on the 27th day of their journey.

#44 Magic Remains For A Millisecond.

This also is another image that is too perfect to be real. But, this exaggerates that there are professional photographers who needn't have photoshop to make their work attractive.

Markus Reugles is one such German artist who uses colored water to create fantastic designs. He creates magic with water and captures the scene within a millisecond using high-speed cameras. The final result appears the same as glass art.

#45 The Nighttime Haze Effect.

Recognizing what's going on inside this isn't easy at the first sight. Is an alien society on another planet encapsulated by its atmosphere? Well, let's follow and check the truth of this. 

It's none other than the atmosphere of Sausalito, California has created this nighttime haze plus the rolling mists over the hills due to the bad effects of pollution. Anyhow the nighttime haze seems to be hauntingly beautiful though it is a result of pollution.

Did you enjoy these wonderful artistic photographs of genius people living with us? If so, please don't miss to share the article with your loved ones. Have a nice day!

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