Expert Says That Humans Were New Aliens Brought To Earth Hundreds Of Thousands Of Years Ago

What if you are a person with an alien origin? What if the aliens that we’ve been searching for so long are humans and not anyone special? Of course, the experts reveal that humans are a crossbred species from another solar system; probably from Alpha Centauri..

Archeologists successfully completed a mission on finding the tablet of Kish, one of the oldest ancient historical documents on Earth during an investigation at Al-Uhaymir modern-day Iraq where the ancient Sumerian city of Kish used to be. As per the Sumerian king list, Kish was the very first city to have kings following the deluge, beginning with Jushur.

Kullassina-bell is considered as the successor of Jushur. But, the scholars say that there hadn't been a central authority in Kish for a long time as the Akkadain says, “All of them were lords.”

By the way, the ancient document which was found is believed to precede the cuneiform writing of the Sumerians, and the Egyptian hieroglyphs for about hundred years.

The main way for the man to get separated from the animal kingdom was their ability to express ideas in written language. Throughout the last 5000 years the humans have been achieving so many things that the other species couldn’t even think of. For example, production of electricity, atomic structure, development of computers and leading to the moon.

None of the other species has achieved such incredible achievements within a short period of time. Of course yes, the evolution of man is relatively short than all the other species on Earth.

It’s not so long since the first hominid walked on Earth. This rapid evolution often leads to an inquisitive but most significant scientific question. Why have humans emerged so special with a highly advanced technological intelligence?

So far, there’s nothing more advanced than the human brain on Earth. 

alpha centauri ufo

Although there are various evolutionary advanced, intelligent species on Earth, none of them utilize the technology like humans.

What if the humans were sent back to the jungle for survival? Many of the experts explain that most of the ones who have been sent won’t survive for a very long period. Thus, suggests a weak point. Humans, though advanced, are quite limited when it comes to the environment.

Another evidence is the contrasts between the physiologies of humans and the animals that exist on Earth. As per the ideas of many experts, humans are rather strange. Animals are able to walk and function independently while humans are unable to function and to be independent at birth. Humans need support. This means that humans aren’t neurologically ready for life even at birth. The human species seem to have a lot of vulnerabilities that accompany their intelligence.

Another interesting fact is the lumbar pain that is quite unique for humans. This has not been witnessed in any other species on Earth. So, what do all these facts suggest?

One of the experts says, “Humans are the aliens that we’ve been searching for so long!.”

Dr. Ellis Silver too stated about some tell-tale signs present in humans to prove that they didn;t evolve alongside other forms of life on Earth.

‘Humans are not from Earth; a scientific evaluation of the evidence’ is an important resume of theories for and against human evolution on Earth. There in that, Dr.Ellis Silver runs through 17 factors and 13 hypotheses that suggest that humans aren’t from Earth.

Mankind is the most advanced species that does not fit the natural environment of the Earth.

Dr. Ellis shows that we might have originated from another planet with low gravity which is the cause for our lumbar pain on Earth. Furthermore Dr says that the large head at the labor too is strange.

Then, who are we? Where do we come from? Most probably from Alpha Centauri, a solar system near us, says Dr Ellis.

Dr. Ellis also says that there are millions of humans who get the feeling that they do not belong to Earth.

He further says, “This suggests (to me at least) that mankind may have evolved on a different planet, and we may have been brought here as a highly developed species. One reason for this … is that the Earth might be a prison planet since we seem to be a naturally violent species and we’re here until we learn to behave ourselves.”

Dr. Ellis concludes the explanation saying that humans didn’t evolve from that particular strain of life, but evolved somewhere else and were brought here to Earth between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago.

And also, according to the modern DNA sequencing demonstration, the Human race is not just a single race that descended from the same ancestor in Africa. It is a hybridized group with a lot more hidden stories behind.

If mankind evolved from a mutual ancient African ancestor, everyone's blood should be compatible too. From where did Rh-negative blood come? Why does a mother with Rh+ reject the Rh- foetus? These are some questions that scientists have not been able to answer fully with evidence. A place where they have got confused about hybridization.

Robert Sepehr reveals a huge amount of information about the forbidden history through his book ‘Species with Amnesia’ in which he talks about the Rh- blood. The author also says the presence of a highly advanced civilization on Earth before humans that have been destroyed by a great global catastrophe.

“There are 612 primate species and subspecies recognized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and not one has Rh-negative blood”. – Robert Sepehr, Species with Amnesia: Our Forbidden History

Sepehr argues that we are on just the beginning of rediscovering the profound wisdom of past civilizations that existed long ago. It’s like we are an awakening species who tries to reclaim the forgotten history.

So far, the Basque people of Spain and France have the highest percentages of Rh-negative blood in the human population. Nearly 30% of them have (rr) Rh negative and about 60% carry one (r) negative gene.

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