Heart Melting Video Of A Cute Small Dog Quietly Watching The Rain

At a time, dogs are superior teachers of simple lessons in life. They often teach us loyalty, playfulness, love, care and even about energy. Basically they teach us how to enjoy every moment in life. Here comes one such sweet small little puppy which often watches the rain, resting quietly. 

The way it crosses the legs heightens its level of cuteness furthermore. Click on the following to watch the video of the tiny puppy watching the rain.

Think for a while. What would you do during a rain? Will you stop and enjoy the rain or would you run as fast as you could for a shelter? Option 2 will be the answer of the majority. How many of you love the rain and how many of you curse the rain? We’re pretty sure that most of you curse the rain. But, see how this little four legged creature reminds you to pause and sit to appreciate the beauty of rain; a marvel of mother nature. 

a little puppy dog

As per the owner, this is a usual behaviour of this pup during a rain.

So many people fell in love with the puppy and commented, “It’s simple things in life that give so much happiness, such a cute little dog, love the way his little legs are crossed.

a little puppy dog

Another person added, “This little puppy has got it the best. Do not let the simple things in life pass by. By the way, I too love how relaxed he is with his legs crossed.”

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