Nearly Frozen Ocean Waves Caught On Camera By Nantucket Photographer

Nantucket photographer captured the enormous, beautiful and nearly frozen sea waves.

Jonathan Nimerfroh, the photographer, found himself in an ocean full of Slurpee waves. The reason for it was the strange cold temperature that made the ocean freeze. Though annually frozen lakes are a common sight, frozen oceans are not.

However this surfer/ocean enthusiast/the photographer succeeded in capturing this rare incident by himself. The partially-frozen ocean waves hit the shore as in other days, but they seemed to be made up of some other thing. Jonathan explained his experience as follows, “The wind was howling from the southwest which would typically make rough or choppy conditions, not so good for surfing. But since the surface of the sea was frozen slush, the wind did not change the shape. They were perfect dreamy slush waves.” The following images show this strange incident beautifully.

The waves were strange with a thick consistency.  

The photo series was named “Slurpee Waves".

This unseen look of the waves is due to the cold temperature and the shifts in water. 

Nantucket temperature was around 19°Fu when he took these pictures. 

He discussed the day he took those photos in “Stay Wild Magazine": “Just been super cold here. The harbor to the mainland is frozen solid… The day after I took these it actually froze up the shoreline for 200 yards out.”

Jonathan is “extremely content with the ocean". He is also an avid surfer in addition to his sea-centric photography.

Watch the video below to have a sight of the Slurpee waves in action:

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