The World's Biggest Sea Turtle In Ocean Arises At An Amazing Moment

Today we have a very interesting article for our readers. It’s about a sea turtle. Not just any sea turtle, it's about the world's largest sea turtle. 

sea turtle wisdom

There are seven species of sea turtles in existence. The turtle that we are discussing today is known as the Leatherback turtle. These turtles are the largest type among all the others.

The name “leatherback” was given to them since their backs are covered with very thick leather skin and not with a hard shell, like other turtles. These expert divers can stay underwater for about 85 minutes.

sea turtle wisdom

The female leatherback turtles come to the surface to lay eggs. Just like other turtles they dig holes on the shore and lay eggs and let the baby turtles make their way back to the sea.

Leatherback turtles have very sharp jaws to help them to tear through their favorite pray jellyfish. The beautiful sea turtle that's also the largest leatherback turtle was found resting on the sand. We can assume that this cute sea turtle was traveling the world alone and came to rest on the beach. 

sea turtle wisdom

Some pictures and videos of the turtle have been captured and are shared with the world to see. Anyways here's another fact about the leatherback turtle, they can grow fins up to about 9 feet taller than other sea turtles. Mind-blowing right?

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