This High School Allowed Seniors To Wear Costumes In Their Student ID Photo, And They Totally Owning It (30 New Pics)

You can’t have a good photo for your ID and that is a fact. No matter how good you pose, how much you practice your smile, how expensive your outfit is, the photo is going to end up in your worst photos list anyway. That is a mystery to solve for the future generation. Maybe one day they will find a way to take a good photo for their IDs, license and other important things. Or maybe they will just learn to love their look the way it is, or something philosophical.

Meanwhile we found a school that came up with a creative idea to solve this problem. Well, not really solve it, but it is a different approach to minimize the damage. It is more like a damage control solution.

We present you the senior year of North Farmington High School. They had allowed their students to wear costumes for their senior year school ID photo since 2014. Even though they could not solve the messed up ID photo problem through this at least this way it is more fun and enjoyable. How cool is that, I mean when was the last time your ID photo was fun right?

Also those senior students have taken the full advantage of this opportunity and they have done very creative job out of it. They utterly and absolutely own it. These are some of their photos from the class of 2022.


Image source: LatimerZach


Image source: hannahschryer


Image source: EllaMcneece


Image source: Tere3n


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Image source: aminaatiff


Image source: BBourgoise


Image source: FrancisDally123


Image source: Leah09086642


Image source: AFysudeen


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Image source: JoshTheBloshh


Image source: NFHSEngArch


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Image source: lucinaelaz


Image source: ronitharum


Image source: Itsemmabelanger


Image source: JuliusShrum


Image source: NemoWeemo


Image source: MarcoAyhllon


Image source: Ilakiyarrr


Image source: LandonCanty


Image source: BlakeGedrich


Image source: DillonSaleh


Image source: alexisjett3


Image source: westsidedlo


Image source: LabadieFelicity


Image source: thenoahleib


Image source: ProFamilyguyFan


Image source: lukezx10

Hope you enjoyed the collection and agree with our statement about those kids are owning it. So what are your thought about them? Think this should be a trend and your school should have this too? Maybe your kid’s school? Or is it too silly for you? Do you have better ideas? Please go ahead and hit the comment section. It is there for your comments after all. Be the cool person and share this interesting post with you friends too. They will love it.

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