Unique Irrawaddy Dolphins Jumping Out Of Water Have Been Discovered In Indonesia

A dolphin is the most stunning, elegant, and majestic creature you'll ever see. Their elegance and beauty are unmatched. There is no other animal that even comes close to them. Their long, slender bodies and outgoing personalities, especially toward humans, make them the most likable of all. They are enchanting to watch.

There are many varieties of dolphins all around the world. In this article, we are about to take a look at one of the rarest types of dolphins known as Irrawaddy dolphins which were first seen in 2012 in West Kalimantan, a part of Indonesian Borneo.

9 pictures of these cute dolphins were taken while they were jumping out of the water and the cuteness of these dolphins melted our hearts right away.

There are about 6000 Irrawaddy dolphins distributed globally but the majority of them can be found in the coastal waters of Bangladesh. Other than that these dolphins can also be found in areas such as Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the northeastern coast of Australia.

The Kalimantan waters are well known for their rich biodiversity. Other than the Irrawaddy dolphins a group of humpback dolphins was also encountered in Kalimantan which proves its biodiversity. 

The presence of the Irrawaddy dolphins also known as orcaella brevirostris was previously unknown until a study done by WWF-Indonesia and the Regional Office for Marine, Coastal & Resources Management Pontianak (BPSPL).

Albertus Tjiu the biologist and one of the leading scientists of the WWF-Indonesia’s conservation explained about these dolphins and also stated that they are excited about these studies and they're hoping to reveal more information on the population and distribution of these unique cute dolphins. He also said that the results of these studies indicated the need to protect the habitats of dolphins.

“To the lower rivers of the island, including waterways of Batu Ampar mangroves and nypah forests, the narrow straits and the coastal areas of Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan.” Albertus Tjiu further added.

Irrawaddy dolphins are listed as endangered species in areas such as the Ayeyarwady River, and the Mahakam River in East Kalimantan. Hence it is important to get and spread knowledge about these dolphins so that we could protect such rare beautiful animals as dolphins.

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