Video Of The Little Lost Duckling Falling Asleep With A Flower Sun Hat

Are you disappointed, down or not in the mood? Hurry up! Watch this video of the fuzzy duckling to get yourself cheered!

The sweet moment that mama’s little duckling had a small nap under the comfort of a small flower on the head. Trust me, the video charmed the internet!

Goodnight Sleepy Nasturtium!

The video of the little fluffy ducky which was originally posted by Mother The Mountain Farm, an organic farm in Bundjalung in Australia has gone viral with over 20M views by now.

The caption of the original post said: “A sleepy ducky under a nasturtium flower sun hat, having a nap in the middle of the mint garden. This little one is from our latest batch of Call ducks that hatched two days ago!”

“She came out of her egg backwards and we don’t have a name for her yet — should we call her Nasturtium?”

The two sisters who are the farm owners Julia and Anastasia Vanderbyl are overwhelmed by the cuteness of the fluffy yellow group of ducklings who often wander here and there playing in the mint garden.

Here comes another adorable video of the cutie-pie Nasturtium and her sister, Mint, both wearing fashionable flower hats.

Dare not to say that they aren’t the sweetest things that you’ve ever seen.

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