Crystal Clear Magical Waters Around The World

One of the best natural wonders of the world is clear water. Azure lakes and crystal clear beaches with turquoise waters are magical jewels of mother Earth. You'd see your entire body reflecting above the sparkling surface of water once you get into these waters. Colourful fishes floating here and there, sand and the rocks below the feet would be fantastic! 

Blue is a color that can enlighten your soul. It can give you immense joy and relaxation. Therefore, the top most incredible water bodies with crystal clear water in this article will be among the best places to go away for weekend.

#1 Pensacola Beach

waters crystal

The first location in our list is Pensacola Beach which is at the west end of Florida. This stretches far along the Mexican gulf and offers you loads of experiences. This is a quiet beach with lively crowds and lifeguards and it is ideal to relax.

#2 Corfu Island, Greece

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Corfu island is among the most romantic islands in the Ionian island group. The name of this island comes from the Greek mythological nymph Korkyra, Corfu. Water here is extremely clear that it makes the people feel like they are floating in the air. Sometimes, water here looks like tears and it feeds our soul very well.

#3 Palawan Island Philippine

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Palawan can be mentioned as the answer for heaven on Earth. The blend of lush green and sea blue is attractive. Palawan island is very special due to the vast diversity, fishing villages and UNESCO heritage sites. Palawan's residents include indigenous people of the Batak tribe. These tribal people often enhance the quality of your experience on your way to Palawan.

#4 Flathead Lake, USA

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Have you ever experienced the picturesque view of Flathead Lake in the USA? It's one of the largest natural freshwater lakes in northwest Montana. Water there gives an excellent optical illusion making us feel that the water surface is levitating.

As per the nature explore David Thompson, this incredible lake is a “fine sheet of water.” It is a place where the huge mountains meet the waters. This place is definitely a location to spend a good weekend to get some fresh air and light.

#5 Marsa Alam

waters crystal

This location is another tourist destination quite popular among scuba divers. Marsa Alam gives a perfect diving site with its sapphire waters and diverse marine life. This place was not known by the ordinary people outside the diving community for quite a while. But, now, this place is no longer a secret for anyone.

Do you agree that underwater views never fail to amaze us? Especially the underwater scenes of crystal clear water bodies. Why don't you plan to make one of these the next destination in your travel journal? It would definitely be interesting. Happy trails until we meet again!

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