Guy Spotted The Busy Little Squirrels Napping On His Windowsill

Ludwig C.Timm witnessed something unusual outside his bathroom window while a construction project was underway at his home.

squirrel window nest

“I only noticed a few twigs on the windowsill at first. I thought that they were brought there by wind," said Timm. "It's after some days I realized that it's not wind but the squirrels that were trying to build their small home there."

squirrel window nest

Timm, who is a professional photographer, was delighted by this chance that he was granted to capture some close-up shots of squirrels. That's when he decided to document the life of the squirrel family in their squirrel house on the windowsill for us to enjoy.

Timm captured pictures starting from building the nest to growing up and posted them on his Facebook page.

squirrel window nest

He didn't miss uploading a snap of the squirrels to show how they grew everyday.

One among his collection was so adorable. It showed all the squirrel family members cozying up together while having a nap.

squirrel window nest

"I consider myself lucky as I got the opportunity to capture the sleeping squirrels. They usually sleep inside the nest. But, it was hot that day, so they slept out."

You might feel that this scene is quite basic. But for Timm, seeing it up close and personally was something exciting.

"This is a very interesting coincidence in life," said Timm.

What a lovely encounter it is! We're thankful to Timm for these lovely pictures. Please do share the article and comment your ideas on this incident below. Happy trails until we meet again!

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