Teenage Girl Fights Against A Huge Bear To Protect Her Dogs (Video)

A video of a woman fighting off a bear went viral on the internet recently. As in the video, the mama bear and cubs are walking along the sidewall of the garden. Unexpectedly, the dogs in the house react at the mama bear and her cubs.

giants bear

As a result, the protective mama bear too tries to attack the dogs for the safety of her cubs when the girl runs into the scene to fight against the bears to protect her dogs. You'd see her pushing the bear away in the video.

giants bear

This incident that was recorded on the security camera of the house was later released to the internet and a lot of people expressed different ideas. Some of them were complaining that it was not the bear who initiated the fight. However, according to myself none of them can be blamed as it's their instinct. However, this incident obviously shows the girl's bravery. Luckily, no one was hurt during this fight.

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