This Cute Happy Dog Is Taking Over The Internet, With His Human-Like Smile

Have you ever seen dogs that smile like humans?

Here’s Nori, the small, pretty dog with a lovely smile. Many people know Nori because of his cute human-like smile.

small pretty dog

Image source: norichiban

Nori, an Aussiepoo mix is now an internet sensation for the sake of his cute smile and unique facial expressions. Kevin Hurless, who owns Nori, shared that Nori’s followers often describe this unique smile as human-like. People’s attention for Nori has increased to an overwhelming level with the publishing of his photos on social media a while ago.

Scroll down to check if you too can notice this cute tiny dog’s human-like smile. Make sure to leave your comments and to share the article with your loved ones. Happy trails until we meet again!

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