Watch The Talking Sloths - I Bet You Can't Help Laughing

This video shows an adorable moment where a couple of baby sloths are having a long conversation. 

It was recorded at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. Following is the mission of this Sloth Sanctuary started in 1997;

“The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica was officially authorized as a rescue center in 1997. The mission of the Sloth Sanctuary is the rescue, rehabilitation, research and release of sloths with a strong emphasis on conserving the Costa Rican rainforest—preserving the sloths’ habitat.”

You might have seen kittens and puppies talking, but have you seen grumpy sloths talking to each other? Cuteness in their chats is overloaded and their voices are extremely funny to listen to.

The natural habitat of the sloths is the Costa Rican rainforest.

The staff of the sloth sanctuary consists of specially trained workers who are dedicated for the rehabilitation of sloths.

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