30+ Wild Animals Delightfully Interrupting Wildlife Photographers

How many of you have heard the saying, “Never work with children or animals''? By the way, do you agree with this phrase that describes the unpredictable nature of kids and animals? This suggests that both these groups aren't cooperative most of the time. Those who have kids and pets might have already experienced this situation. What's the reason behind this? Why do they do so? It's their curiosity. Yes it is! You'd always see them disturbing you even though it's an important phone call, or a video meeting of the office. However, this disturbing property is not only unique to our domestic pets such as cats and dogs but also to other animals.

As wildlife photographers, you know this better than me. You’d definitely accept it if I said that the wild animals don’t care about what we do in their territories. Yet, we can't admit that they are not curious.

Once, Joaquim Campa compiled an interesting list of animals that interrupt wildlife photographers in a Twitter thread. You'd see an interesting number of animals including leopard cubs, seals, penguins, foxes and meercats peeking at the camera lens in this extensive list. And also there are some instances where the animals have become photographers in the same list. This thread would definitely marvel you and make you go “aww.”

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Further info: Joaquin Campa

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