15+ Funny Dog Pictures Before And After Having A Perfect Time In The Mud

Most of you might know the feeling of seeing the gleaming coat of your dog when you’ve brushed the coat of it right after a good bath. What if it once again runs out of the back door after the bath? What if it was a rainy day and your yard was full of mud? How’d you feel? 

Before stepping up into mud and dogs let me share something important with you. Perhaps, this article will make some of you love adopting a playful dog. If so, please do check the Central California Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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“All these activities are done to make sure they are breed knowledgeable. Many people love adopting due to the beauty of the breed. When it comes to adoption, we prefer selecting customers with more than one person in the house. We always want to make sure that all family members spend some happy time with the pet to make sure the pet is a good fit. On the other hand, we also ask whether the customers have any other dogs at home. Mostly, we recommend meet and greet events in order to get familiar with the pet before adoption.”

Following is a list of adorable and funny before and after pictures of dogs who played in the mud.

#1 The Dog Who Played In The River Appeared As A Supermodel After A While.

dog bath funny

Image source: netgeekAnimal

#2 It Was An Awesome Playdate.

dog bath funny

Image source: onnisamoyed, onnisamoyed

#3 Though I Got Coated With Mud, It Was A Great Party Out There!

dog bath funny

Image source: Laura Rennie, Laura Rennie

#4 Had A Mud Bath. 

dog bath funny

Image source: Sandra Katiela, Sandra Katiela

#5 This Is Jude With His Hound Dog Pup After A Play In The Mud. 

dog bath funny

Image source: beanonme82

#6 Before And After The Mud Bath. 

dog bath funny

Image source: harveythegoldenirish, harveythegoldenirish

#7 See These Silly Dog Faces! They Played Too Much Today. 

dog bath funny

Image source: viennasamoyedspack, viennasamoyedspack

#8 Wow! A Cute Chocolate Lab. 

dog bath funny

Image source: At Work? We Walk!

#9 I’m Dirty But Cute!

dog bath funny

Image source: the.white.shadows, the.white.shadows

#10 Can Anyone Help Me Clean This Bath Please?

dog bath funny

Image source: cooper_spoodle_doo, cooper_spoodle_doo

#11 Do I Look Beautiful Now?

dog bath funny

Image source: winniethepooch33, winniethepooch33

#12 A Pig In The Mud! 

dog bath funny

Image source: Sushisando, Sushisando

#13 Before And After The Mud Party. 

dog bath funny

Image source: koitheborzoi, koitheborzoi

#14 Today Was The Day That I Found The Mud Puddle. 

dog bath funny

Image source: Wism, Wism

#15 She Has Dipped Herself In A Pool Of Mud. 

dog bath funny

Image source: RadioaktivJ, RadioaktivJ

#16 Caught Her When She Was Playing In The Mud In Our Backyard. 

dog bath funny

Image source: poorkidz, poorkidz

#17 The Little One Was Nicely Taught By His Big Brother. 

dog bath funny

Image source: taigauggo

#18 High-Five If You Love Mud. 

dog bath funny

Image source: chroniclesofindiana, chroniclesofindiana

#19 What A Great Time In The Mud!

dog bath funny

Image source: Rockabillyjonny, Rockabillyjonny

#20 This Is Wriggly Who Had A Wonderful Time At A Mud Puddle In The Park.

dog bath funny

Image source: wrigleythewiggly, wrigleythewiggly

Don’t you like to share how you feel after seeing these funny things about dogs with us? And also, never miss to share this article to spread a bit of fun among your loved ones. Happy trails until we meet again!

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