Here’s How The People Starring In Famous And Interesting Memes Look Now

What's the most favorite way of communication these days? Yes of course, they are memes. All types of social media platforms are overloaded with a number of funny memes. Some of these memes are so interesting that they persuade us to share them with others. I too have a collection of my favorite memes that made me crack into laughter. I often used to check them whenever I felt worried about something.

Most of the memes consist of hilarious texts and characters that suit them the best. Texts change, but the picture remains the same most of the time. How many of you have thought about the popular people in these memes? Have you ever thought about how they look now and what they do? The reason for them to become so popular with their pictures?

By the way, we were able to prepare a better description of some of the starring celebrities. Thus, we thought of sharing them with you too. Here are some amazing comparisons of these meme stars. Scroll down and let us know what you think of these funny characters at the end.

1. Success Kid (Sam Griner)

Image source: Sam Griner, Success Kid

This meme image is a result of a post by Laney Griner in 2007. Her boy, Sam, was trying to eat sand in this particular image. At first, the meme contained the caption that said, "I Hate Sandcastles''. Later, Laney realized that her son was bullied through the meme. Thus, the meme was changed to “Success Kid”. This image of Sam is now featured in various advertisements, screensavers, Hot Topic shirts and many more.

2. Disaster Girl (Zoe Roth)

Image source: zoeroth

This is Zoe who was observing the firefighters trying to control the blaze in a nearby house in Mebane, North Carolina in 2004. Her father, Dave Roth captured the photo at the moment. Later, Dave won a photography competition with this image of her daughter. Since then, Zoe's photo has been used in various posts and even magazines. However Zoe wants people to know her as she is.

3. Side-Eyeing Chloe (Chloe)

Image source: Lily & Chloe

Chloe is another girl who got famous on the interwebs back in 2013 after the YouTuber KAftC's video on “Lily’s Disneyland Surprise… AGAIN''. In the video, both Lily and Chloe get the surprise news of a trip to Disneyland. There, Lily breaks into tears while Chloe looks at the camera with a disturbed look as if she was not sure of what's happening. If you are one who's more interested to know how much she has changed, try checking her Instagram profile with more than 515k followers.

4. Harold Hiding The Pain (András Arató)

Image source: BuzzFeedVideo

This is András Arató, a senior stock photography model. This picture of him perfectly shows the suppressed pain in him. The meme originated in September, 2011 with the stock photo with DreamTime’s watermark posted on the Facepunch forum. You can check out TedTalk in Kyiv in September 2018 where he considers himself as a “meme-hero.”

5. Bad Luck Brian (Kyle Craven)

Image source: mnhaverland

This photo was posted to Reddit in January 2012 by Ian Davies with the caption “Takes driving test?.? gets first DUI”. Kyle, who rubbed his face with a sweater soon before taking the picture, trained himself for an obnoxious smile too. This is often used to show embarrassment, tragedy and misfortune.

6. Confused Nick Young (Nick Young)

Image source: Nick Young 

7. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy (Zeddie Smith)

Image source: watkins_little

This is the ridiculously photogenic Zeddie Little who was running in the 2012 Cooper River Bridge Race. Little's response to his meme was quite positive. He said that he considers it an honor to be a part of a joke as it has a good spirit. He added that memes are kind of funny jokes which many people like.

8. Blinking White Guy (Drew Scanlon)

Image source: drewscanlon 

This is Drew Scanlon starring in this meme. This comes from a live stream in 2013. Drew was the producer at the gaming website called Giant Bomb at that time. At the moment of this picture, Drew was watching one of the team’s weekly “Unprofessional Fridays” shows, as the editor-in-chief. Scanlon's blinking reaction when Jeff Gerstmann played Starbound, a two-dimensional action-adventure game, turned to be a meme. Since then, Scanlon was known as the “Blinking White Guy.”

9. Roll Safe (Kayode Ewumi)

Image source: BuzzFeed UK

This meme is from the 2016 BBC Three mini-documentary series “Hood Documentary”. The actor Kayode Ewumi points his head saying that every woman is beautiful when they have good brains.

10. Trying To Hold A Fart Next To A Cute Girl In Class (Michael McGee)

Image source: aaduk_ala, McGeezyyy 

This is Micheal MacGee's funny meme picture that was captioned "Trying to hold a fart next to a cute girl in class". This was submitted to subreddit by user aaduk_ala. As per Micheal, the guy who had taken the pic is one of his best friends in Texas who knew that Micheal was able to make a funny face at any time. He had wanted to make a funny Twitter caption and now it has been one of the funniest memes.

11. Aliens Are To Blame For Everything (Giorgio Tsoukalos)

Image source: Giorgio A. TsoukalosReport

This is Giorge Tsoukalos who is a Swiss-born ufologist, producer, writer and TV presenter who is well known for the TV series called “Ancient Aliens.” He's quite famous for acting as a proponent of the pseudo archaeological theory which means that ancient alien astronauts interacted with ancient humans.

12. Doge

Image source: kabosumama

This is Kabosu, the Shiba Inu which was owned by a Japanese Kindergarten teacher, Atsuko Sato. She posted a collection of pictures of it on social media in February, 2010 and a picture that showed Kabosu sitting on the couch was later used as a meme image.

13. Good Luck Charlie (Mia Talerico)

Image source: Mia Talerico

She is an expressive girl whom we use as a synonym for 'IDK!'. This particular image is from a scene from the Disney Channel show “Good Luck Charlie.”

14. Grumpy Cat

Image source: Cataliades, realgrumpycat

The owner of this grumpy face is a snowshoe cat whose name is Tardar Sauce. Sauce became an internet sensation due to its annoying facial expressions in the pictures posted to Reddit in late September 2012.

15. First World Problems (Silvia Bottini)

Image source: silviabottini

This is an Italian award-winning actress who became famous from the “First World Problems" meme.

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