Photographer Captures Perfect Shots Of Large Bunnies Fighting In Midair Like An Epic Anime Battle

Professionally known as uta, rabbit photographers Moya Nakamura and Takayuki Nakamura captured a sequence of pictures that feature a wonderful rabbit battle in air. They compared the incident they caught into a scene right out of the manga series Fist of the North Star which is a quite popular fighting anime. 

These pictures suggest the rebellious nature of the cute bunnies. These pics perfectly show that the cuddly creatures can also give good punches. You’d witness that these ball-like animals are masters in martial arts once you see these images.

You’d see aerial punches, flips and kicks against the opponent. Make sure to see the facial expressions once you check the images. Then you’d see one rabbit emerging as the clear winner right after an impressive side kick to the other. This particular shot is so energetic. For me, this is a picture that immortalizes the energetic exchange between the rabbits.

The viewers couldn’t resist the bunny fight. They compared the scene to other epic anime battles and fight scenes from popular manga and fighter games. 

Some of the Twitter users shared pictures of a manga that truly features a fighting rabbit.

Another edited the image for it to look like it’s a scene from a video game.

The viewers were so creative that another person illustrated a similar scene to the original photograph. 

Are you a creative reader? If so, make sure to send your comments on this epic bunny battle in creative ways. We await you. And also follow uta on Twitter and Facebook for astounding photography. Happy trails until we meet again!

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