Meet The Stunning Vaquita – The Rarest Animal Species With Only 10 Members Left

As per the latest updates, only around 10 vaquitas exist in the wild. This suggests that we are on the verge of losing another crucial species. 

why is the vaquita endangered

“Cocaine of the sea' threatens critically endangered vaquita - BBC News”

Vaquitas are often found in the northern area of the Gulf of California. These creatures have been considered endangered for a very long time. Their population of 600 in 1997 was drastically decreased to 30 by 2017.

Unfortunately, the vaquita population 2021 was counted as 10, giving red alerts to suggest that their future is in jeopardy.

The vaquitas who are scientifically known as Phocoena sinus, are small animals that grow up to 5 feet in length. A fully grown vaquita weighs around 120 pounds. 

why is the vaquita endangered

These solitary animals often reside in shallow, warm water. They are unique as they are the only porpoise species that can survive warm water. Rest of the species need water that is colder than 68°F.

'Sea Pandas' is another name for the vaquitas. It has been formed as these vaquitas have black rings around their eyes.

facts about the vaquita

Creatures like white rhino are nearly extinct due to poaching. But the vaquitas are not aggressively pursued by fishermen.

It's the traditional fishing practices in Mexico that has led to this extinction. The main issue is the use of gill nets to catch totoaba, an endangered fish species.

facts about the vaquita

Totoabas are considered as a delicate food in China and they cost up to $50,000 in the black market. This payoff has attracted the local fishermen to continue this activity though it's illegal.

All these facts impact on Vaquitas because they too get caught in the same manner like totoaba.

where does the vaquita live

Andrea Crosta, with a wildlife trafficking watchdog group from the Earth League International visited Mexico with the news of critically low vaquita population.

According to him the surviving vaquitas will soon be lost due to the unlawful fishing season. But, on the other hand, WWF and Viva Vaquita suggested that few of them may be rescued.

where does the vaquita live

The conservation organization, Vaquita CPR undertook a rescue effort in 2017. Unfortunately, the effort was unsuccessful as the animals were stressed during the process of relocation. This rescue project led many female porpoises to perish shortly after. Perhaps, you might suggest confinement as a better option. But, the tragedy was painful.

sea shepherd vaquita

As per Crosta, we should continue fighting for vaquitas. Organizations such as Elephant Action League and Sea Shepherd are in a continuous process in monitoring the Gulf of California and deciphering the trafficking routes in China.

"We would definitely bring the guilty to justice even if they kill all the vaquitas!" 

sea shepherd vaquita

Saving the vaquitas is a responsibility of all of us. Why don't we join hands to protect these innocent creatures? Let us know your ideas in the comment section below. Make sure to share the article to raise awareness! Help save vaquitas!

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