Double Exposure Helps Me Create Visually Intricate Compositions Using Basic Portraits

Erkin Demir is a Turkish photographer who mainly works in fashion. He creates quite striking and creative blended images using the technique double exposure. He merges architecture and landscapes with fragmented faces and bodies that result in intriguing, complex compositions. 

Even a basic portrait is enhanced and presented in a better way by blending. Photographs with double exposure are able to captivate the viewers immediately, especially due to the arrangements and different shapes that come together in those.

Other than the depth and dimension, these blended portraits also reveal a lot of details to the viewers and it would make the viewers look at them for a long period of time. Overall, Erkin’s work offers a wonderful opportunity to the viewers to enjoy more than one photograph. You’d realize that each image of him suggests the harmony between humans and other elements.

Erkin who has started using double exposure as an experiment is now a pro at it. He has made it another form of art. In my perspective, one frame telling multiple stories amaze the viewers. It gives a thrilling combination and inspires us. Following are Erkin’s very special projects where he has tried to push the limits of double exposure.

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