Street Artist Damon Belanger Confuses People By Painting Fake Shadows Of The Objects Around

Shadows have an interesting relationship with our lives. A shadow follows us wherever we go. Simply, we can never escape a shadow! Is that only us who have shadows? What about the non-living objects? Yes of course, they do! What if we try painting fake shadows to confuse people? Have you ever tried this? Here comes Damon Belanger, a street artist from San Francisco who keeps painting fake shadows to make people get confused. The idea is so funny and it worked out for people a lot. He has made downtown Redwood City a creative place by installing 20 fake shadows which have worked in a brilliant way so far. 

He explained that these fake shadows would give a lively spirit to the regular mundane objects that people see everyday. Thus, will help people in having fun whenever they walk past those objects. Also, they’d spend some time staring at these objects too.

You too might be eagerly waiting to see these funny and interesting fake shadows. Keep scrolling to inspire yourself by them. Enjoy!

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Did you enjoy the amazing and creative shadows? I’m pretty sure, some of the shadows might have made you stare at them 2 or 3 times. If so, please do share the article with your loved ones. And also, don’t forget to leave your ideas in the comment section. By the way, you too can try drawing some fake shadows to give a bit of fun and entertainment to the residents of your area. Happy trails until we meet again!

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