The Amazing Transformation Of Fruit And Vegetable Into Edible Masterpieces By Gaku, The Japanese Food Artist

Japan is a country which is quite popular for its unique cuisine. The Japanese are a group of people who have preserved their traditional cooking styles without replacing them by any other means. Their food and flavors are so innovative that even a single look at them makes our tummy as well as our mind quite satisfied. 

By the way, what if we go through some of those innovative types of food right now? Yes of course, you’re about to go through a list of edible masterpieces by Gaku, the master of fruit and vegetable sculptures. Gaku, who’s real name is Takehiro Kishimoto has taken the art of fruit and vegetable carving to a next level.

Gaku who has already done a number of fruit carving showpieces, recently shifted his focus into making sculptures from vegetables such as beans, carrots, egg plants, broccoli, sweet potato, turnips, radishes and a lot more.

As per Gaku, bananas are great to get practice sculpting as they are cheap and easy to carve. The funniest part in all his work, is his answer for our question, “What do you do with all these sculpted veggies and fruits once you’ve completed all your creations?”. Gaku simply said, “I eat them all except the banana peel!!”.

Are you interested in enjoying some of Gaku’s work? Keep scrolling for an amazing collection of work in which you’d meet egg plants, carrots, broccoli. And also please do remember to leave your comments and to share the article to spread sweet vibes. Happy trails until we meet again!

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