These 30 Images That Have Been Taken At The Same Location But At Different Points Of Time

Photography is the best method of time traveling. Therefore, we thought of presenting you a collection of then and now photos of some well-known locations. All the comparison images were taken from the subreddit r/OldPhotosInRealLife with over 596k members who post amazing posts everyday. This combination will definitely be a perfect example to show how time changes things.

Make sure to check more of these kinds of work through the sources linked. Scroll down to Enjoy!

#1 The Big Oak; Thomasville, Ga (1895/2020)

Image source: thegregtastic

#2 Ancient Greece Before And After Excavation

Image source: Just_Another_Gen-Zer

#3 A Nashville House In 1896

Image source: pappard57

#4 Then (1910) And Now (2019) Visitors In The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Viewing Painting (Emanuel Leutze’s Washington Crossing The Delaware – 1851) 

Image source: d7mtg

#5 Today Is The Day On Which The Berlin Wall Fell 31 Years Ago

Image source: jofurch

#6 This Is Hiroshima 75 Years Ago

Image source: Adamstowellll

#7 This Is How Machu Picchu, Peru Looked Like In 1915 & 2020

Image source: Tuccano-

#8 Czech Out Prague 1910 And 2020

Image source: Stotallytob3r

#9 This Is Milan, Italy In 1950s And 2021

Image source: Axelxxela

#10 Hick’s Court, St Ives, England – 1888 And Now

Image source: Le_Rat_Mort

#11 Curtiss C-46 Commando, One Of Pablo Escobar / Carlos Lehder’s Drug Smuggling Planes Near Norman’s Cay In The Bahamas, After 35 Years Submerged In Saltwater

Image source: abaganoush

#12 This Is How The Town Square In Uelzen, Lower Saxony, Germany Looked Like During The Battle Of The Rhine, April 1945 And 2021

Image source: DiosMioMan2

#13 Church St. Martin In Cologne, Germany 1946 And 2021

Image source: Etsu87

#14 This Is The Main Entrance To The City, York, England Looks Like In 1865 – 2015

Image source: hasanah78

#15 The Royal Crescent, Bath, UK. 1829-2020. Built 1774

Image source: TogderNodger

#16 The Abandoned Restaurant In Petrópolis, Brazil (1960’s And 2013)

Image source: Mackelowsky

#17 Theodore Roosevelt Would Be Definitely Proud If He See This

Image source: sethsta

#18 Appearance Of The Court Of The Lions, Granada, Spain In 1840 And Today

Image source: Le_Rat_Mort

#19 How Kraków, Poland Looked In 1939 And 2010s

Image source: Mackelowsky

#20 The Oldest Underground Station Of The World, Baker Street! 157 Years Later

Image source: jjnfsk

#21 The Comparison Of The Unfinished Manhattan Bridge In 1908 And Now

Image source:

#22 Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur, India. 1798 Lithograph By Thomas Daniell And 2016. Built Between 1003-1010

Image source: 1NbSHXj3

#23 The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland – C.1847 And Now

Image source: Le_Rat_Mort

#24 See How Buenos Aires, Argentina Has Appeared In 1925, 1980, 2002 And 2021

Image source: patagoniac

#25 Arch Of Constantine In Rome Now And In 1943

Image source: PrivateTumbleweed

#26 The Famous Stonehenge In 1877 And 2019

Image source: ProjectFailure

#27 St Francis Of Assisi Church

Image source: englishdemon

#28 The Kowloon Peninsula Of Hong Kong In 1964 – 2016

Image source: Logan-rice88

#29 Trains At Harper’s Ferry In 1947 And 2021 

Image source: AGuyFromMaryland

#30 The Mount Rushmore

Image source: sethsta

Hope you had a great time enjoying the gallery! Why not share your thoughts with us? We are eagerly waiting for your valuable comments. Happy trails until we meet again!

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