This Photographer’s Pre-Planned Photo Of An Eclipse Looked The Same Like His Planned Sketch

It's human nature to fall in love with the sky and its components. Most of us hurry to capture the full moon whenever we see it shining brightly in the sky. Moreover, we are quite keen to show the picturesque sunset behind the horizon to the world. All these suggest that photographs are amazing sources to share the special astronomical events that take place everyday.

Astrophotography, which has been a popular discipline since the 19th century, is now used by people for various aesthetic purposes, rather than for scientific purposes. However, all should understand that these kinds of photos are no joke as they are hard to get. Especially, when it comes to Eclipses! A precise measurement along with a great attention are very much essential to capture them.

Julian Diamond, a photographer from New York planned the entire process of shooting a partial solar eclipse by sketching it and matching it with the actual image he took. Julian, who is a person with a great familiarity with the procedure knows the amount of effort needed to get a decent celestial photo. However, Diamond's fame was not gained only through this. But also with his most famous photo in 2018. He captured a full moon on a fire tower mesmerizing everyone in 2018. Perhaps, Diamond might have intended to regain fame through the Sun this time.

With no doubts, Diamond's eclipse photo went viral once again! You know what, the sketch and the photo matched perfectly and it was unbelievable. This sequence was captured while the sun was rising into the position slowly. 

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Solar eclipse- A sequence captured, while the sun was slowly rising into position.

a picture of a eclipse

Capturing an eclipse is a risky and a complex task. The symmetry might be more difficult. Thus, Diamond had to think through his composition. He made the Sun appear relatively bigger rather than the moon in the pictures that he has taken. 

Finding the vantage point was another challenge for him. He had spent months searching fire towers in the region to get the perfect shot. His inability to find a new fire tower made him return to his favorite local tower. Yet, he had to get permission to enter the location to execute his master plan.

Early-risers climb the steps below, approximately 3.7 kilometers away from the lens position.

a picture of a eclipse

Diamond made sure to calculate the time properly to manage all the notes and checks that were needed to be done before shooting the solar eclipse. The mist that was over the meadows was not a big issue for him. The mist seemed to add a mystical sense to the natural phenomenon.

Diamond was finally relieved when the Sun made an appearance similar to a bright big crescent moon above the horizon. In the meantime, Diamond noticed how the small humans climbed the steps of the tower, giving another kick to his photography that he has been waiting for a long time. 

The tweet with his sketch and the final portrait were as follows. 

A close-up shot of the detailed sketch from a closer angle. 

a picture of a eclipse

These are the equipment used for the perfect shoot. 

a picture of a eclipse

The place where he took the photos. 

a picture of a eclipse

The most famous Fire tower and the full moon. 

a picture of a eclipse

Finally, his hard work paid off. His photos went viral proving his outstanding skills of photography. He proved that even a half eclipse could make an outstanding imagery. 

Now, what do you think of Diamond's incredible photography? Aren't you happy and surprised? One would definitely eagerly wait for Diamond's photos of another astronomical event after witnessing this fascinating work. Till next time, enjoy these and make sure to share this with your loved ones too. Happy trails until we meet again!

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