20 Clothing Designers Who Should Be Fired Straightaway

Hence the fashion industry has changed drastically with time, the difficulty to find new or different ideas instead of an idea that has already been a trend in the past decades has increased progressively. Due to the difficulties faced during the innovations, many designers have fallen into severe mistakes for fashion and caused troubles.

Though many people seem to believe that being a designer is an easy task, it is not so. Anyone can design without problems, but the outputs will definitely be hilarious and it would probably be a reason for the designer to be fired immediately. 

We’ll look at some “fashionable” clothes that shamed their designer. And finally, can you guess the worst one among all?

#1 There Is No Proper Wording For This Rather Than A “Shoe Protector.”

#2 Shoes For An EXPERT!

#3 Will You Be Attending An Event With This Costume?

#4 You Don’t Want To Be Afraid Of Getting Dirty When You’re Eating, If You’re With These Jeans.

#5 These Costumes Will Sell Around Thousands Of Dollars!

#6 I Was Really Shocked!

#7 These Pants May Have A Chance Of Getting Popular In The Future.

#8 A Christmas Gift For The Head Of The Family!

#9 In Computer Programs, The Textures Should Be Optimized Before Stretching!

#10 Unbalanced Fake Pockets.

#11 Excuse Me, There Is Something In The Back Of Your Pants!

#12 New Trend: The Dirty Look!

#13 “It’s Time For A Weight Loss!” Reminded By The Tip Of A Belly Belt.

#14 The iPhone Is Still Hanging Hardly.

#15 Modern Realty Emphasizes That Stains Also Possess A Role In The Design.

#16 Big Head For A Small Body!

#17 Print Your Face On A Mask, But Just Check With Its Size!

#18 And If Not So, Someone Can Get Scared!

#19 Tread Pattern Aids In Collecting Stones Without Bending!

#20 “Is It Smeared With Dirt? No, It’s The Style.”

Which one will you select as the most hilarious? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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