18 Funniest Tattoo Designs That Made By People With Great Sense Of Humor

There are creative people. And there are people who has great sense of humor. But when you combine your creativity with your sense of humor, you know great things can be achieved. Just like tattoo designs we are about to show you.

In the past tattoos used to be a form of branding. Later it became a form of art. But the society was always sceptical about tattooed people. However, that is in the past. People are more open-minded about tattoos now. Though there are some ethical limits about that when we live in a society, we are free to brand ourselves with whatever design we desire.

Browse through these tattoo designs we picked for you and maybe you can form your own idea out of it.

#1 "Hey, Hello There!"

#2 Why The Long Face?

#3 Men Doing Friendship Goals Be Like..

#4 It's Not Bald. Just Cleaning.

#5 Nice Way To Repel Unwanted People In Your Life.

#6 This Jump Is So Realistic.

#7 Goodbye Looser!

#8 There Is No Point Hitting Back.

#9 Great Way To Express Your Pain Tolerance Level.

#10 Look! He Has Eyes On The Back Of His Head!

#11 Creative. But Slightly, Very Slightly Creepy, Don't You Think?

#12 When You Know How To Use 'Unwanted' Hair..

#13 Looks Like Spin Off Nokia Logo.

#14 So You Don't Have To Shave It To Impress.

#15 How Cute Would Be A "Mer-Cat!?"

#16 Now That Is One Impolite Monkey.

#17 Hold On Tight Buddy.

#18 Tell That One To Hurry Up If You See. There Is A Feet Waiting. 

Do you think you can do something like this too? Or have you already have some funny, creative tattoo in you? Tell us in the comment section and please share the creative article with you friends and family so you could laugh together. Spread the joy!

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