16 Cases Showing How The Scars And Birthmarks Were Hidden Or Transferred To A Creative Tattoo

Life gives us different experiences which may leave joyful memories or scars. Anyhow, we have to survive the rest of our lives with these. Hence this is a common incident for all of us, today we represent some scars left on the body as memories. Some feel that scars are decorative and some feel shy to have them. If it has become a problem, there is nothing to worry about because there is nothing that cannot be solved. Each and every problem has its own unique way of solving it. In this collection, you can see how the scars and birthmarks on the body have turned from flaws into features when people try to hide or play with them.

#1 OMG! A UFO!!

Image source: mitchtaylor_616

#2 Gosh! It’s A Leopard.

Image source: chelsmcginnit

#3 A Tiny Fish Skeleton.

Image source: rgb_tattoo

#4 Flowers.

Image source: sohal.harminder

#5 Divine Superpower.

Image source: bquick219

#6 Rose.

Image source: dreambodyarttattoo

#7 A Long Journey To Be Completed.

Image source: alperfiratli_tattoo

#8 Hilly Mountains.

Image source: 10masters

#9 Meow! An Arty By A Cat!

Image source: kingsland_tattoo

#10 A Spilled Wine Glass.

Image source: twinklejaithalia

#11 Timber.

Image source: tattooassist

#12 A Ghost!

Image source: inkedmag

#13 A Red Bloom.

Image source: hawktattooofficial

#14 The Artist’s Hand Which Creates Masterpieces.

Image source: hedgehogtattoo

#15 Hummingbird.

Image source: laudeink

#16 The Galaxy!

Image source: tattoonob

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