25 Pictures Of Fascinating Shadow Illusions That Would Make You Look Twice

Shadows! Aren't you interested in shadows? However, here we have 25 surprising shadow illusions for those who are interested. These optical illusions would definitely make you look at them twice.

Note: An optical illusion is a visual perception that would make things appear differently from reality.

Not even a single human artist can win against the arts of nature once Mother Nature starts her work. Not even the greatest artists! Mother Nature, who has incredible styles of art, also has her way of creating striking optical illusions by using shadows. For that, she uses everyone and everything under the shade of the sun. Therefore, make sure to scroll down to enjoy all these fascinating natural visual phenomena.

#1 The Shadow Of This Tree. 

Image source: DanRG02

#2 Shadows In A Playground. 

Image source: Katrin Korfmann

#3 This Is How I See The Shadow Of Mt. Rainier From My Backyard. 

Image source: reddit.com

#4 The Shadow Says “Hi.”

Image source: Hadouken617

#5 The Sun Melted The Snow Everywhere! 

Image source: yonkerrs

#6 Everybody Is Not What They Seem! 

Image source: Ri-RiY

#7 Shadows Of Leaves During A Solar Eclipse. 

Image source: xXISCOPEIXx

#8 Beneath Is This Spider's Reflection In A Pool. 

Image source: lnk7332

#9 The Eye Of Sauron Was Found While Tasting Wine. 

Image source: ajustice83

#10 A Rainbow Was Formed Around The Shadow Of My Plane. 

Image source: emcdeezy22

#11 The Reflection Of Kitchenware Looks The Same As People In A Park. 

Image source: felixtre

#12 As The Shadow Suggests, It's A Never Ending Staircase. 

Image source: hey_baberuba

#13 The Food Bag Of The Cat Looks The Same As A Cat.  

Image source: MarkSputnik

#14 There Are Plaid Shadows In Scotland. 

Image source: BookerDeWittsCarbine

#15 How Many Of You Had Thought About This Earlier? 

Image source: empw

#16 A Lil Sundog! 

Image source: mike_pants

#17 I Realized That There Was A Heart In Our Shadows When I Proposed To My Girlfriend. 

Image source: Orion_91

#18 A Rose Was Formed By The Shadow Of This Glass Of Juice. 

Image source: SMatyac

#19 Einstein Looked Like A Sinister In The Shadow.   

Image source: aelment

#20 There Were Some Unfortunate Shadows In My Friend’s Golf Team Pic. 

Image source: Jodiee182

#21 Though Life Is A Mess, It Still Keeps Up The Appearance. 

Image source: Ketameme69

#22 This Shadow Might Have Become Self-Aware. 

Image source: migraine_boy

#23 How Is It Possible To Get A Looped Shadow From An Untangled Wire? 

Image source: icanbenormaltoo

#24 It Is The Shadow On His Shirt That Makes It Look Like The Guy In Back Is Badly Photoshopped Into The Picture.  

Image source: frameRAID

#25 See The Shadow Of My Shoe Lace That Looks Like A Man Climbing A Mountain. 

Image source: htownaliens

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