20 Photos That Show Kids Live In Their Own Imaginary World

In this collection, we present you 20 photos that show the kids living in their own world. A huge thank goes to the parents who have shared these unique and cute photos on social media. Children can be considered an infinite source of amusement; they hide inside cupboards while others are trying to cover themselves in plain sight.

Scroll down through the collection and enjoy yourself.

#1 Wait! Does She Play Hide-And-Seek Or Scare Her Parents?

Image source: durtymessycan / imgur

#2 A Mastermind Hiding Trick.

Image source: RobertCarlson / imgur

#3 My Son Throws A Fit Because He Cannot Take Out All The “Yucky” Seeds Of His Watermelon.

Image source: Jedi_Mama / reddit

#4 My Kids Hate Oatmeal, But Their Favorite Is The ’Cookie Soup’

Image source: corytjohn / reddit

#5 A Kid On A Dinosaur And Is Riding Around Town.

Image source: wowbobwow / reddit

#6 He Has Tons Of Toys, But His Favorite Is An Onion!

Image source: DarkDayzInH*** / reddit

#7 This Is What Happens If I Looked Away For 5 Seconds!

Image source: ThatLostGamer / imgur

#8 The New Style Of Wearing A Tiara!

Image source: johnnyfivejmc / reddit

#9 He Did Not Make A Single Sound. I Was Having A Panic Attack Before I Found Him.

Image source: ashlamar0914 / reddit

#10 This Is How My Kids Test The Binoculars.

Image source: jodihas2kids / reddit

#11 This Seems To Be A Serious Conversation Between A Manicurist And Her Client.

Image source: CorgiMonsoon / reddit

#12 Welcome! You Are At The New Wave Of Humans.

Image source: ytoast / reddit

#13 My Niece Doesn’t Want To Eat The ‘Pancake Crust And See What She Did With It!

Image source: softlyellow / reddit

#14 Unbearable Torturing Done By My Kid To Our Robot Mop Might Be The Reason To Start The Robot Evolution.

Image source: bowb4zod / reddit

#15 My Daughter Is At The ‘Ivan The Terrible’s’ Museum. This Seems To Be A Masterpiece.

Image source: Slivnikov / reddit

#16 My Niece Was Seeking Goats. They Got Her Good.

Image source: roach_xo / reddit

#17 Are You Looking For Kids? There Is None, It’s Just An Alligator.

Image source: Imgur

#18 My Daughter Is Being Expert At Hiding And Seeking.

Image source: Imgur

#19 I Just Took My Eyes Away From Him Only For 5 Seconds!

Image source: Imgur

#20 A Pro Mastering His Hiding Tactic.

Image source: Imgur

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