18 Times Pets Notice That Their Owners Were Silly And Weird

You might have lived with your pet friends for a long time, but still there's a lot of things that you don't know about them. For example, you never know what they think of you right? The reason is that they don't have a true language to communicate like us, the humans.

Anyhow, we are pretty sure that most of you might have wanted to imagine what they'd say if they could talk to you. Therefore, we collected some pictures of animals with some captions related to what they think of their owners. It seems like these animals realized that their human friends are quite crazy and silly. Keep scrolling to enjoy!

#1 Why Did This Silly Human Get Into That Bathtub Full Of Water Again?

#2 “Hi I'm Mowgli. My Owner Often Creates Surprising Art Made Of My Fur When I'm Asleep.”

#3 “This Is What My Owner Does When All The Other Cat Owners Take Good Pictures Of Their Cats.”

#4 “My Owner Sent This Photo In Which I Play The Lamp From Pixar To All His Friends.”

#5 “My Silly Owner Published This Video Saying That Playing The Piano Is My Passion.”

#6 “And My One Made Me Buck From The Ice Age.”

#7 “I Dunno Why These Crazy Peeps Love Making Purritos.”

#8 “We Never Know Anything About Baseball. Yet They Make Us Look Like Chiefs Fans.”

#9 “My Owner Wants Me To Look Like A Vegan With This Hairstyle.”

#10 “Eww.. My Owner Pasted These Two Small Eyes On Me Saying That I'm An Extremely Rare Doggopotamus In My Natural Habitat”

#11 “They Dressed Me Like A Hotdog Coz I Can Get Through The Cracks In The Fence.”

#12 Translation: “Officer, Please Forgive My Owner Because He'd Be Back From The Restroom Any Minute! Don't Give Him A Fine!"

#13 “They Told Me That I Was A Table.”

#14 “OMG! Insane Apps!"

#15 “Hey! Don't Make Me Scared, Man!”

#16 “What Is This? Am I A Joke To You? Ant Food For Me?

#17 “Am I Supposed To Sleep Here?”

#18 “No Running. No Scratching The Couch. No Biting. What Can I Do Then?”

Hope you guys enjoyed the collection. Let us know how you'd feel if your pet dog or cat could talk instead of barking or meowing. Happy trails until we meet again!

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