Photographer Erik Johansson Transforms The Ordinary World Into A Series Of Surreal Scenes

Erik Johansson who is a Swedish visual artist and a photographer from Prague, Czech Republic creates a surreal world with his amazing work. He mainly works on exhibitions and personal as well as commissioned projects of clients from all around the world.

Moving apart from traditional photography, he captures moments by blending his imagination with the camera lens. Erik's main objective is to capture a big story in one frame and to make it look realistic as much as possible. He doesn't care whether there are impossible elements in the scene as he only focuses on finding a way to capture the impossible.

Keep scrolling to witness his surprising work by yourself. In the end, you'd realize that Erik has a high level of realism in his work although his works contain a lot of post-production activities. This gallery would be the best way for you to understand how he plans his shoot with the help of the props and creativity. You too can follow his concept of capturing ideas instead of realistic scenes. Enjoy!

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#1 Aqua Custodia

#2 Breaking Up

#3 The Cover Up

#4 Limitless

#5 Arms Break Vases Don’t

#6 A Painting Too Real

#7 Common Sense Crossing

#8 Cut Fold

#9 Diamond In The Rough

#10 Cutting Light

#11 Big Laundry Day

#12 Closing Out

#13 Go Your Own Road

#14 Don’t Look Back

#15 Drifting Away

#16 Deep Cuts

#17 Electric Guitar

#18 End Of Line

#19 Leaving Home

#20 Face Vs Fist

#21 Dreamwalking

#22 Fishy Island

#23 Endless Reflections

#24 Groundbreaking

#25 Vertical Turn

#26 Expecting Winter

#27 Melting Point

#28 Landfall

#29 Self Actualization

#30 Iron Man Sweet

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